The Artist

Madny Al Bakry is an omani artist living and working in Muscat,Oman.

It is said that Islamic influences found in Picasso can be traced to his native Spain. Before him the famous artist Paul Cezanne, known as father of modern art, had been subtly inoculated with the abstract guidelines of Islam and Arabic calligraphy.

The ornamental richness of Arabic calligraphy expresses more than just the meaning of words. The flowing rhythmic script seems to imitate the basic rhythms of life.

Like Matisse, many of the modernist painters in their yearning to express the power of life, repeatedly used, and are still using, the curvilinear shapes of the Arab calligraphers.

Madny , a contemporary artist, in his stunning and unique use of calligraphy has awakened the senses of the viewers. For the audience, Madny's works present a new visual stimulation. Unlike the traditional two-dimensional Arabic calligraphy in limited colours, Sharif's work is unusual in its colour palette. His distinctive style and exquisite use of colours and themes have an ethereal quality while his presentation is contemporary and elegant. Providing depth and perspective, his eye-catching works lures the sense of the connoisseurs.

Professor Ibrahim Noor,
Department of Art Education Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman.

International Contemporary Masters III