My Statement

I was born in the tropical island of Zanzibar. I grew up in an environment, which was a visual feast of harmonious colours enhanced by tropical sunlight. To this day my childhood colours continue to influence my work. I felt the urge to visually record my experiences from a young age and that was the beginning of my indulgence in the creative world of art.

On graduating from high school, I worked in a textile mill in Dar-es-Salaam as a designer where I was exposed to African motifs and patterns, which are now a major part of my paintings. Islamic designs and Arabic calligraphy also rule my canvas. The amalgamation of African motifs and patterns with Arabic calligraphy in my work helps create a visual treat of soothing interaction between these powerful influences culminating in an atmosphere of graffiti approach, that is me.

In 1976 when I was given a scholarship to pursue a BS degree in Physical Education at Montclair State College, New Jersey, in the United States, I took the opportunity to attend art courses. It also enabled me to visit numerous museums and galleries, which enhanced my appreciation and understanding of art.

It is music, which feeds my creativity while I am lost in the world of colours in my studio for endless hours each day. When I am not painting, I am either sketching, lecturing in art or playing sports.